Suzuki Gixxer SF Motorcycle

Suzuki Gixxer SF Motorcycle Features Review

Suzuki is one among the foremost successful and also popular motorcycle brands in Bangladesh. The Suzuki Motorbike company started manufacturing motorbike in 1952. The first models being motorized bicycles From nineteen fifty-five to nineteen seventy-six. The Suzuki company start corporate manufactured motorcycles with two-stroke engines only, the most important two-stroke model motorbike being the water-cooled triple-cylinder GT750. The Suzuki Motorcycle company has already provided some wonderful bikes within the Bangladeshi motorcycle market. And Bangladeshi people really love all motorcycles during this Suzuki brand.


The Suzuki Gixxer SF may be a wonderful designed sports bike that has made a really big sized body that’s looking excellent and classy. This motorcycle has made a really big plastic shaped in its body that has located from its head to under the body that’s amazing to ascertain. Also, it’s a well-designed little higher type fuel tank stylish designed headlamp and a differently designed seat that’s are truly really great. The rear side of this bike may be a bit higher especially since the rear seat is just too high and it’s an enormous gap between the seat and rear tires. A special chain and therefore the chain cover will attract every people and it’s truly excellent to observe. Two strong and almost widest type tires have available for this excellent bike that also looks good. Overall this is often an exquisite designed sports bike and it’s made a really high-quality riches design.


When a biker thinking to shop for an enormous and batter bike then every biker wants an honest engine quality of his bikes. That’s why when he tries to shop for a motorbike than he always trying to find a robust and powerful engine quality motorcycle. This Suzuki Gixxer SF Sports motorcycle has included a really strong quality engine once you will see this you’ll feel that this is often the engine that you simply are trying to find. This motorcycle features a 4 stroke, single-cylinder, and Air-cooled sort of engine. A really high-quality riches displacement engine has available for this bike it’s taken a 154.9cc of engine that’s truly amazing and therefore the biker will feel great when you will ride Suzuki Gixxer SF Motorbike with this powerful engine. It also features a very useful maximum power of 14.6 bhp @ 8000 rpm and therefore the important maximum torque of this motorcycle is 14 nm @ 6000 rpm.

Speed and Mileage

This Suzuki Gixxer SF Sports bike features a very high-quality top speed and good mileage. It can set about 127 kilometers per hour at the utmost speed which will assist you in your enjoyable bike riding. and therefore the Suzuki Gixxer SF motorcycle has gotten an honest mileage quality. This bike is allowed to travel for 47 kilometers per liter of mileage.

Fuel Tank

This may be an excellent looking fuel tank. That has made a really wonderful design. it isn’t only a really well-designed fuel tank but also it can take up to 12 liters of fuel by which you’ll easily go 550+ kilometers during this fully loaded tank.


The battery is that the most vital and useful part of every motorbike and this Suzuki Gixxer SF Motorbike has gotten a Maintenance-free 12 voltage and three Ah Battery that creates this motorcycle more powerful.


When you ride a motorcycle in the dark then you ought to need a headlight because it’ll assist you to observe everything on road within the darkness. This bike gives a really high-quality riches 12 voltage and 35/35 watts headlamp. So it’ll truly assist you within the darkness.


It has two top-quality suspensions that are kept safe this motorcycle long-lasting. it’s a really strong front Telescopic and rear Mono suspension with 7 steps adjustable suspension.


Every biker needs a robust braking system for his safety. then this motorcycle will offer you a really strong brake it’s a front Disc and a rear drum brakes that creates these motorcycles stronger.

Tires and Wheels

Tire and wheel is the best part of the motorcycle. And Suzuki Gixxer SF Motorcycle has two strong tires the tire length is front 100/80-17 Tubeless and rear 140/60R-17 Tubeless tires. And this Suzuki Gixxer SF Motorbike has two Alloy type 17 inch wheels.

Final Notes

So, in the end, this is often an exquisite designed sports bike. And this bike has made a really big sized body that’s looking very stylish and smart. Also, this bike is extremely expensive and therefore the children of Bangladesh will adore this bike.

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