Keeway RKS 150 Motorcycle

Keeway RKS 150 Motorcycle Features Review

Keeway motorbike is a brand that was started its journey in Hungary in nineteen ninety-nine with the dream and conviction of being regional leaders in the scooters segment. After 15 years Keeway motorbike company has become a Multinational Motorbike Brand with a presence in over eighty countries manufacturing not only scooters but also high technology motorbike from 50 ccs to 600 ccs. At the same time, the Keeway motorbike brand already has in the Bangladeshi market.


This motorcycle has been successfully made his wonderful design. this motorcycle is very stylish, smart and good looking. This motorcycle has smartly designed its fuel tank, which looks like a rocket that is located in front of the fuel tank. This motorcycle’s color combination is really attractive that will be really impressed you easily. This motorcycle has put a number of colors and variations of body design. This motorcycle brings different colors like white, black, and red body. It is great to see every color of this motorcycle. I think you should like the design of this wonderful motorcycle.


Let’s take a look at the engine of the motorcycle. This Keeway RKS 150 Motorcycle offers some exciting and powerful engine quality. This motorcycle has given a single cylinder and 2 valves included a 148cc powerful engine. For your enjoyable bike riding this motorcycle also gives you 95 kilometers per hour of Top speed that will really useful for you and your motorcycle. This RKS motorcycle also has gotten strong maximum power that is 9.0 kW @ 8500 rpm and the important maximum torque of this motorcycle is 11nm @ 6500 rpm. This powerful engine also comes with you 45 kilometer of mileage by which you can go 45 kilometers per liter.

Fuel Tank

The Keeway RKS 150 motorcycle has brought fuel tank of this motorcycles very smartly. And it is a very gorgeous looking Tank. And this beautiful motorcycle has a big fuel tank capacity. This fuel tank is allowed fuel for 16 liters. that’s why you can easily go into 700+ kilometers in a fully loaded tank.


The electrical part of this motorcycle is very important because this motorcycle has a 12 volt and 7Ah powerful battery that helps these motorcycles to generated some power of the engine and it also helps the headlight of the motorcycle.


When we ride the motorcycle in the darkness then we face a number of problems. So motorcycles headlight truly helps us to solve this kind of problem. This motorcycle has gotten a Halogen type brightness headlamp that will help you to watch everything on the road.


This motorcycle has smart and comfortable seats. When you will ride then these motorcycle seats will give you a comfortable feeling and you should really happy to seating on this motorcycle’s beautiful seats. Probably these seats are made for 2 persons but 3 people can easily get rid of it.


The suspension is one of the most important parts of any motorcycles. And this Keeway RKS 150 motorcycle has a wonderful suspension system that will protect the body of this motorcycle. This motorcycle has gotten a Front Telescopic Forks suspension and Rear Telescopic coil spring oil damped suspension system.


Every motorcycle biker wants a strong brake for his motorcycles because the brake is like a protector of the bike and the biker. This Keeway RKS 150 Motorcycle comes with a strong Front Disc brake and Rear Drum brakes. That should help you very much to protect yourself.

Tires and Wheels

When you buy a motorcycle then you should be looking for a strong tire quality. That’s why this wonderful motorcycle will give you two strong quality tires. The tire size of this motorcycle front 90/90 -17 and rear 120/80-17 inch. And also important of these motorcycles are their wheels. This motorcycle comes with Rear and Front both Alloy type Wheels.

Final Notes

So after knowing about this motorcycle you should understand that the motorcycle is a very smart and strong quality motorcycle that will give you some extraordinary features by which you can go anywhere in Bangladesh with this motorcycle. So if you like the Keeway motorbike you can buy it undoubtedly.

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