Honda CBR 150R Repsol Motorcycle

Honda CBR 150R Repsol Motorcycle Features Review

Honda is one of the most popular and successful motorbike brands in our country. Most of the Bangladeshi peoples are really likes this brands motorcycle and this Honda motorcycle company has already provided some wonderful motorcycle within the Bangladeshi motorcycle market. Honda, it’s been since started manufacturing motorbikes in 1955. At its peak in nineteen eighty two, Honda manufactured almost three million motorbike per year. By 2006 this figure had reduced to around 550,000 annually but was still above its 3 domestic competitors.


The Honda CBR 150R Repsol is that the best-designed motorbike of the Honda motorcycle company. Because the Honda CBR 150R Repsol Motorbike made a special sort of wonderful and really big sized body that’s looking too gorgeous and each people that love this sort of massive body sized motorbike should be impressed about it at their first look. From the front, it’s made a special designed big fuel tank and it’s a really big plastic shaped in its body that’s located its head to silencer that’s truly very big and that I think you’ve got been never seen before this sort of massive sized shaped in any motorcycles body. This sports bike has an available sort of colors like orange and black combined, fully black and red, and black combined colors people can choose their favorite colors bike. It’s not a big-sized seat but it’s taken a very wonderful design and this is often two different seats for the biker and who sitting behind him and this is often very comfortable to take a seat thereon. it’s made an enormous and long silencer and two widest tires that are looking excellent. Overall it’s the best-designed sports bike and other people will adore this design of this Honda CBR 150R Repsol motorcycle.


It’s really great to ascertain that this Honda CBR 150R Repsol has gotten some extraordinary equipment in its engine. it’s taken a 4 stroke, 4 valves,s, and DOHC sort of engine. And it’s an excellent and powerful 149.16cc of the engine that creates this engine more powerful. Not only that, this motorcycle comes with some more wonderful engines that are 12.6 KW @ 9000 rpm maximum power and 13.7 @ 7000 rpm maximum torque that’s are two good for any sports bike. and powerful Full Transistorized CDI system, wet multi-plate type clutch, and NGK MR9C-9N sparking plug have available for this engine So it’s a very good quality engine.

Speed and Mileage

This Honda CBR 150R Repsol Motorbike has gotten fantastic speed and mileage power. The Honda CBR 150R Repsol will offer you around 160 kilometers per hour of Top Speed by which you’ll set about the utmost speed of this bike 160 kilometers per hour that’s too big. And most significantly it’s good mileage, this motorcycle is allowed to travel for 40 kilometers per liter.

Fuel Tank

It features a big and better fuel tank. Some people aren’t like this higher sort of fuel tank but still, some people really love this higher sort of fuel tank, which also looks very smart and classy too. This higher fuel tank can accept around 12 liters of fuel during this tank by which you’ll go around 500 kilometers during this fully loaded fuel tank.HeadlightThis Honda CBR 150R Repsol also has made a wonderfully designed headlamp that’s looking great and impressive too. And it’s gotten a bright twin headlamp which will assist you to observe everything within the dark night.


It features two great suspensions that ought to be very useful for this motorcycle. It comes with a front Telescopic and a rear Monosock coil suspension.


Every biker needs a robust braking quality because it’s a protector of the biker and therefore the bikes. This Honda Repsol motorbike has gotten two great braking system that’s a front Disc and a rear Disc type brakes. Those two are very strong quality braking system.

Tires and Wheels

For your long motorcycle riding Tires and Wheels is one of the most vital things. then this motorcycle will offer you an honest quality riches Tires and Wheels. it’s a front 100/80-17 and rear 130/70-17 sized widest type tires. And it also Honda CBR 150R Repsol Motorbike comes with two Alloy type strong Wheels.

Final Notes

In the end, I would like to mention that this is often a very designed smart and classy sports bike. which will offer you some extraordinary features for your enjoyable bike riding on the road. you’ll buy this Honda CBR 150R Repsol Motorcycle undoubtedly.

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